Instant Coffee Powder "Classic" 500g

Instant Coffee Powder "Classic" 500g

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ΑΥΤΟΚΟΛΛΗΤΟ «ΔΩΡΙΖΩ - ΣΤΗΡΙΖΩ» - Καφεκοπτεία Λουμίδη
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Origin: Robusta & Arabica.
Profile: Classic instant coffee flavor with a strong body and aroma.

The Importance of Correct Grinding

Our coffees consist of the highest quality beans that we carefully select and roast with more than 100 years of passion and experience.

The purpose of grinding is to crush the beans, in order for the water to extract the maximum of the coffee's oils and substances. Each type of coffee and preparation method has a specific degree of grinding that ensures ideal extraction. It is therefore of great importance to choose the correct grind in order to get the coffee you need and which will ensure a full and tasty drink, as we have designed it.

Our Greek coffee is ground in special stone mills which ensure optimal grinding, which cannot be achieved with conventional commercial mills. Filter and espresso coffees are ground in a Mahlkhoning EK43 grinder, which has 11 grinding stages.

Our suggestions follow the table below, but if you want another degree of grinding, you can write it down in the comments of the order.

Degree of Grinding Suggested Use
11+ Cold Brew
11 French Press, Percolator
9 Chemex
7 Paper Filter (and automatic Drip filter machines)
5 Pourover (π.χ. Harius V60), Siphon, Vacuum
4 Espresso Moka Pot (Bialetti) and Espresso Machines

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