Code of Ethics

April 2021

Dear partners,

In our Family Business "Loumidiss Coffee Roasters" we base our success on the support and trust of our customers, employees and partners. We feel fortunate to be able to rely on our shared values, which represent the core of our identity, the integrity and respect we show in everything we do.

Whether you work in a shop, in production, or in headquarters, we ask each person to do the right thing every day.

With the fast pace of everyday life, it is estimated that the average person makes over 20,000 decisions a day. Some of these are part of our routine, but there are also more difficult decisions, such as how our behavior is determined by circumstances.

THE Code of Ethics is a guide to those difficult decisions. It describes the values and principles that help us treat our customers and employees with dignity.

Doing the right thing every day means much more than complying with laws and regulations. It means building a culture of integrity that fuels our collective commitment to our values and principles, and that lays the cornerstones of our success.

1. Work

1.1 Non-discrimination/harassment and fair treatment

All of us must refrain from any form of discrimination whether based on age, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, religion, nationality, political beliefs, social background or family status. Discrimination exists when a person is wronged or evaluated because of the aforementioned characteristics or another fact that is not objectively justified.

Harassment (sexual) means any unwanted verbal or non-verbal behavior of a sexual nature that aims or has the effect of insulting the dignity of a person, mainly by creating an intimidating, hostile and humiliating environment.

Equal opportunities for women and men are ensured in all aspects of their professional development.

When submitting the required recruitment documents, partners must also provide their Criminal Record Certificate.

Supervisors ensure that unprofessional treatment does not occur in the working environment. These phenomena include in particular sexual harassment, physical punishment, psychological or physical coercion and verbal violence.

1.2 Wages - Working Hours - Child Labour

We faithfully observe every law and provision regarding wages, working hours and child labour. Salaries as well as other benefits (marriage gift, child allowance, salary maturation) correspond to the provisions of the legal regulations, are clearly defined in the employment contracts, and are paid in full every month. We pay in accordance with the law the prescribed social contributions and benefits (insurance benefits, overtime pay and paid holidays) that are attributable to employees according to national legislation. Employees are regularly informed of the composition of their monthly salaries.

We do not use child labor and comply with all provisions for the protection of minors. The minimum employment age is not less than 15 years (or 14 years, if national legislation allows it pursuant to International Convention No. 138 of the International Labor Organization). We respectfully observe national regulations and international standards for the protection of minors.

1.3 Safety - Health - COVID 19 Measures

We care and take care of a safe working environment. Work premises and equipment comply with applicable laws and regulations. Any violation of fundamental human rights in the workplace and company premises is expressly prohibited. Fire protection and emergency care measures are followed to the fullest extent. Adequate cleanliness is ensured in the workplaces.

"Kafekoptia Loumidis", a company that deals with the processing of coffee and other types of beverages as well as the sale of coffee, beverages and other types of food, has taken all the necessary protection measures, both for customers and human resources, as well as and for the production of safe products. All company employees involved in production and sales are equipped with masks and gloves. Anyone who feels unwell does not enter work, following a responsible attitude both towards himself and his colleagues. Printed material has been distributed with the instructions of the EODY regarding the management of any case of Covid. In addition, the protection measures issued by the EODY, to prevent and combat the pandemic, have been posted on the bulletin boards of stores and production.

1.4 Disciplinary Measures

Disciplinary measures are within the framework of national legislation and internationally recognized human rights. They apply in cases of bribery, corruption or improper use of confidential information.

1.5 Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

The collection of personal data is a secured process. Personal information is used only by the authorities in order to process all the actions required by the legislation regarding the recruitment and drafting of the Employment Contract. The protection of the above data as well as their observance is carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of Law 2472/1997, as well as the newest provisions and applications of the new General Regulation of the European Union on Data Protection 2016/679, as applicable. And the storage of these will last for a period of time as long as the validity of the employees' employment contract.

1.6 Alcohol Abuse and Prohibited Substances

"Kafekoptia Loumidis" provides all partners with a safe and healthy working environment. All of us must work without the influence of alcohol or any other prohibited substance. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted during working hours or within the premises of "Kafekoptia Loumidis" (stores, factory, offices), unless the consumption is in the context of corporate events where alcohol is served.

2. Environmental Protection

The strategy followed for the production and sale of our products is inextricably linked to the protection of the environment, through the reduced use of resources and the reduction of waste.

3. Values

"Kafekoptia Loumidis" has been managed by the same family for three generations and this contributes to maintaining the strong identity that has remained unchanged since 1920.

Business tactics may change over time, but philosophy as well as values remain paramount concepts for the Company's sustainability.

The company's philosophy is summarized in three concepts: Purpose, Values and Vision. All associates must know the concepts as they are an important resource for the company's career.

4. Social Responsibility

The presence of "Kafekoptia Loumidi" in the Greek market since 1920 is identified with the ethos that governs the business activity of Greek society. The company contributes directly or indirectly to Greek society. Practical proof is the fact that all products are produced exclusively in Greece, giving priority to Greek producers to remain competitive and sustainable in the difficult times of recent years.

5. Compliance with the Code

Managers and Department Heads have increased responsibility for compliance with the Code. If a Manager knows that an employee intends to do an act prohibited by the Code and takes no action to prevent it, the Manager is held equally liable with the employee.

6. Reporting Violations of the Code

In the event that a partner has evidence that indicates a violation of the rules of the Code of Conduct, he is requested to report it immediately and submit written information about the violation, if requested. Relevant departments should thoroughly investigate related reports while maintaining the confidentiality of related information, unless otherwise provided under applicable law.

7. Violation of the Code

Violation of the Code of Ethics is assigned to the Company's Board of Directors.

Failure to comply with the rules of the Code is considered an offense and according to the regulations may subject the partner - depending on the gravity of the violation - to disciplinary actions, including termination of the contract in accordance with the applicable law.

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