The grinding of coffee

Often, while enjoying a cup of coffee, we ignore it procedure that has preceded, without even being able to imagine the stages that the coffee bean goes through until it ends up in our cup. Grinding, then, is one of the most important steps in the process of making a perfect coffee.

What is milling?

Grinding is the process of turning roasted coffee beans into powder. The purpose of the mill is to crush the beans, in order for the water to extract the maximum amount of coffee substances. The corresponding degree of grinding is used for each type of coffee. The quality of the mill directly affects the quality of the coffee and so it is necessary the proper operation, adjustment and maintenance of the mill that grinds the coffee beans.

The overall and complete sense of the taste of coffee, its smell, its pleasant aroma and its complete taste will be achieved only if the coffee beans are ground shortly before the coffee is prepared.

In fact, different types of coffee require different ways of grinding. So what are the most common degrees of grinding and which one is used? 

Coarse grind

The texture of the coffee is reminiscent of coarse salt. Coarse coffee is ideal for making Cold Brew coffee, but also suitable for a French hand-held coffee maker (the well-known French Press). With the coarse grind, the coffee absorbs more water, which is necessary for the "boiling" and transfer of the aromas of a filter coffee.

Medium grind 

The texture of coffee is reminiscent of granulated sugar. Moderately ground coffee beans are commonly used in electric filter coffee makers.

Fine grind

The texture of the coffee looks like powder, but it remains "hard" to the touch, giving the feeling of sand. The blends of coffee espresso They are finely ground to facilitate proper extraction, allowing the water to "trap" the maximum possible aroma of coffee in just a few seconds.

Very fine grind

The coffee resembles powder or powdered sugar and is soft on the fingers. The very fine grind is intended for coffee that will be prepared without filtering, such as Greek coffee.

It is a fact that there are blends that are more suitable for a traditional one Greek coffee and others that stand out more with the preparation of one espresso. The grinding of coffee, however, just before its extraction, is what creates a quality, tasty and aromatic result!

In Coffee mill Loumidis, our coffees consist of beans of the highest quality that are carefully selected and roasted with taste and experience of more than 100 years. We make sure to grind the coffee always in front of you, in order to derive daily pleasure from its wonderful smell.

We know well how to offer enjoyment, giving you smiles from the very first sip of coffee!

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